Literately writing with light. Expressing what you see, capturing it and reproduce it in the form of an image. On paper or ,now most of the times, on a screen. Phone,tablet, ipad or computerscreen.

About half a century ago I started with photography and it’s still a passion. Create an impression of what you see, in a way that reflects your perception.
The camera with which I took the first pictures could take 12 pictures after which the film had to be developed and then  printed on paper. That was anything but free. Every printout of an impression costs money so you looked carefully and thought before pressing the shutter button.
Every photo was a journey. See, capture, develop and print. Care and attention motivated by the effort and expense to achieve a satisfactory result.
A photo, if you’ve been driving too fast, or haven’t stopped at the red light, yes, that won’t make you happy, but that’s not what this writing is about.
That is registration photography. It’s also not about selfies either.
Photography as a representation of your creativity or what moves you or evokes a feeling in you.
Or even visually creating an impression or feeling. Write or paint with light.
In the here and now, it is very easy to take a picture. You press a button or the screen of your smartphone and the photo is taken. Three seconds later it can be found on the internet.
If that is enough for you then this text is of no value.
If moving on, rediscovering, delving into photography interests you, just let me know.
I would like to introduce you to or help you on your way.
If you don’t have a camera yourself, no problem.
Camera, lenses and an introduction to post shooting software are provided.
your effort, and if you want to value this financially afterwards, a donation for not-profit animal shelter is welcome.
How and what,
the workshops are based on question and answer. You indicate your area of interest and we will get to work. The results are made available to you and are suitable for internet publication or printout.
The place is Quinta da ribeira, between Figuero da Serra and Linhares da beira.
Online support possible…
Send a personal message and you will receive a personal answer.






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