Serra da Estrela

Located in the interior of central Portugal. This beautiful area, called the Serra da Estrela, is a protected National Park. It is a special place to discover all year round. In the summer it doesn’t get too hot and on a clear day you may even be able to see the sea more than 150 kilometers away!

Dramatic rocks and ravines, historic caps and towns make this an inviting area for scenic drives, walks or hikes. The highest peak, the mountain Torre, measures 1993 m and is the highest mountain on the Portuguese mainland. A masonry column of seven meters high brings the highest point to 2000 m. In winter there is plenty of snow and even skiing. The rivers Alva, Zêzere and Mondego originate in the Serra da Estrela. There are several marked walking routes including the GR22 along the historic villages of Portugal.

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